Twitter #Music is here, but it needs a bit more work

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After speculation on its release date, and constant tweets from musicians praising how great the new app is, Twitter #Music has finally launched. Similar to the Australian startup it bought, We Are Hunted, #Music is a music recommendation service and chart, with the lists of music based around tweets and your engagement with the artist.

Twitter #Music has obviously taken some design cues from We Are Hunted – such as the grid, and the full-page search engine. However, instead of being guided towards the emerging artists, the first chart you see is the most popular. There is still an emerging artists list – you can find that under the menu – in addition to a ‘Suggested’ list, based on the artists you follow on Twitter.


Currently, the three music services attached to Twitter #Music are Spotify, Rdio and iTunes. If you plan to use this as a We Are Hunted replacement, then you’ll be disappointed given that you won’t be able to listen to full tracks. Though you can connect your free Spotify account to Twitter #Music and listen to the artist – if they are on Spotify. Or if Spotify isn’t for you, Rdio is also offering 14-day free trials without the need for a credit card. Or if you’re not exactly swayed by either service, you can get a 90-second preview of one track from iTunes.

Genre charts have also been dumped during the transition from We Are Hunted to Twitter #Music. So, if you don’t like pop – or, One Direction/Bieber crap – then you can’t really avoid them.

However, the main problem with Twitter #Music is that it is focused on the artist connections not on the music. This essentially means that your suggestions can be broad – say, you listen to Ellie Goulding and get in your suggestions list Carly Rae Jepsen, Cody Simpson, Reece Martin and Miranda Cosgrove – because these artists sound so similar to that particular artist.

That was sarcasm by the way. Those artists normally wouldn’t get suggested by other recommendation services like or Pandora.

Personally, I won’t be making much use of this. and Pandora do a pretty good job of recommending me some artists – new, indie and pop music – to listen to based around a particular artist or genre. There is no doubt that it will improve, but for now, it’s a work in progress.

The new app is available for the web and as a mobile app for iOS. The service will be limited to the US, UK, Ireland, Australia (yay!) and New Zealand; though Twitter plans to bring the service to more countries and to Android soon.