M2 Communications to buy Dodo, Eftel

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484139_457007997692123_118637187_nM2 Telecommunications, the parent of Primus Telecom (if you still remember them), has announced today that it will buy out its smaller rival Dodo for $203.9 million and has entered into a binding agreement to takeover another rival Eftel for $44.1 million.

The Dodo purchase will add another 400,000 customers to its consumer division – which includes Primus, which it took over last year. In addition to Dodo’s internet customers, it will also acquire its power and gas customers across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

If the Eftel deal – which will include the acquisition of brands aaNet and VoIP provider Engin – does go ahead, then that will add another 130,000 customers (according to ZDNet). M2 Telecommunications hopes the deal will close by May, and is not conditional on the completion of its buyout of Dodo.