Falcon Pro developer resets keys to get around Twitter restrictions

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Twitter Android app Falcon Pro – which became another victim of Twitter’s highly restrictive API rules – has decided to reset the app keys to access Twitter’s API; allowing it to accept new users for a few more months, and hopefully clear out the tokens of users who had pirated the app or refunded the app and forgot to revoke access to it.

In a Google+ post, Joaquim Vegas wrote, “Hopefully resetting the app keys will clear out a good amount of unused tokens so that Falcon can accept new users for a few months (weeks?)… The update should go live around 10pm GMT on the Play Store.”

Users on Google Play or AndroidPit.com will need to re-login to the app and will check for a Google Play licence. All settings, mutes, starred users, etc will be saved. The old app will no longer work within 24-48 hours.

As a consequence of this entire fiasco, Vegas has had to push the price up to 1.49EUR (or around AU$1.90). You can download the app from the Google Play store here.