Video Review: Contour+2 [Update]

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After a few weeks of testing, I’ve finally put together my thoughts on the Contour+2, a solid entry in the crowded wearable-camera market. But does it perform? Find out in one of our first video reviews.

And because it is our first, there may be a few rough edges, so feel free to leave us some feedback in the comments.

Update: Because of the time required to make a video review, compared to a regular review, I accidentally missed one of the Contour+2’s big features for video sharing. While I still find that, out of the box, the video quality was sub-par, some people will still only be using this for YouTube. And with that, Contour’s Story Teller app is really cool. It imports the video, takes the GPS-metadata and lets you either embed the data alongside the video via the Contour website, or now with the +2 you can actually hardcode it to the video, allowing upload to YouTube or any other service. According to others, it works really well, but I don’t think it’s enough to really change the score from 7.5, which I think it deserves. That’s still a great score, but possibly there are other cameras that are better at being a camera. For the features, check out the Contour+2, especially with the GPS data which could be put to great use. But for the video, shop around.

  • Score:

    7.5 / 10

  • The Good:

    Looks great and feels strong; waterproof case included; high resolution; lens rotation and laser alignment is great; mobile apps, when they function, work well; solid price; GPS data is interesting

  • The Bad:

    Video seems washed out; video compression is disappointing; included 4GB card is far too small; loud beeps with any function become frustrating;

  • Bottom Line:

    It looks good, it feels good and it outputs at a decent quality, but its output just doesn’t feel competitive with the similar cameras at the same price.