Xbox 720 vs. PS4 spec leaks comparison

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microsoft-sonyWith the rumoured releases of the next gen consoles to occur sometime this year or potentially next year some leaked information has come out about the specs.

PS4 Concept, Designer: Joseph Dumary

PS4 Concept, Designer: Joseph Dumary

PS4 (Project Orbis) leaked specs:

  • CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so, 8x cores)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx
  • RAM: 4GB RAM, 512MB of this is reserved for the OS
  • HDD: 160GB
  • Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels
  • Blu-Ray capability
  • No backwards compatibility
  • Rumours that PS4 won’t be able to play used games
Xbox720 Concept, Designer: Joseph Dumary

Xbox720 Concept, Designer: Joseph Dumary

Xbox720 (Project Durango) leaked specs:

  • CPU: AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-core processor, and a single core is dedicated for OS-based tasks
  • GPU: DirectX 11.1 class 800-MHz graphics processor
  • RAM: 8GB, with 3GB of that being reserved for the operating system
  • HDD: 500GB (Rumoured 640GB)
  • Blu-ray capability
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Kinect 2.0 and rumoured Augrmented Reality

Although Intel processors would be more ideal, their price tag would make these consoles less affordable. Although theses leaks are sketchy it appears that the PS4 is coming out on top when it comes to specs over the new Xbox however the Xbox does have a higher amount of Hard Drive space.

Hopefully GDC will shed more light on the upcoming consoles.