So, the Walkman brand isn’t dead yet – Sony launches waterproof, wire-free model

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Sony is keeping the Walkman brand alive – despite the fact that the iPod, and the iPhone by extension, has a near-monopoly on MP3 players. Regardless, this Walkman is suited for the fitness enthusiasts. Called the Walkman Sports MP3 Player, it is an all-in-one digital music player that you can not only jog, but also swim with.

Yes, you read that right. Swim. These are waterproof headphones. You can even do an intense workout, and the sweat won’t affect them. It has 4GB of onboard storage, and you can drag and drop music from your PC or Mac onto this MP3 player. Controls, such as play/pause, next and previous are all on the bottom of the buds. Battery life is eight hours on continuous playback; and you can get one hour if you just charge it for three minutes, according to Sony.

The buds are connected by a “tension band” – allowing the MP3 player to fit on your head regardless of how big it is, keeping it secure when running, swimming or doing anything physical.

It will be available from March with a price tag of US$99.99. International availability is unknown.