Samsung has a new Smart TV UI – still laggy, but will bring it to your old Samsung Smart TV for a hefty price

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Samsung keeps trying to get their Smart TV UI right, so while they have the apps, they lack the ability to support them with a nice UI, with many users ignoring the features altogether. But 2013 will bring a new Smart TV UI to existing and new sets, with a fairly unique carousel style UI.

The five screens, Movies & TV Shows, Photos & Video, Social, and Apps, show recommendations, trending content and other curated entertainment. With 7500 series or higher sets, facial recognition will customise these recommendations for the person, while older TVs will have other ways to change user accounts. There are also new voice and gesture-based controls, which The Verge described as gimmicky and not useful or accurate enough.

They also described the animations as slow, tearing and ‘general laginess’. In the end, the wide view is that the new Smart TV still lacks the ability to be the future of TV, with UI getting in the way of a good experience.

The update will cost $200 – $400, a hefty price, but will include a new remote. Make your own mind up, but the trend of manufacturers sucking at software continues, sadly. At least Apple can’t sue.