Microsoft says Windows Phone announcement is coming today – but from who?

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While Microsoft no longer have any official presence at CES, the Windows Phone Twitter account is tweeting that there might be some news on Windows Phone at CES this year. So, whatever could it be? Most likely a smartphone announcement – but who?

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Speculation is pointing at Samsung, given that they also produce Windows Phone devices in addition to Android. However, that being said, we could also see an announcement from Intel about Windows Phone 8 and possibly about running a phone using Intel’s mobile chips.

The other alternative is Qualcomm. While it does say today, which implies daylight, Qualcomm’s chips are present on almost every single mobile device. There’s also speculation that an LG Android phone will be announced at that same event as well. And given that NVIDIA revealed the Tegra 4, it wouldn’t surprise me if Qualcomm announced a new Snapdragon processor.

Well, we’re about to find out.