UP NEXT: Sony @ CES 2013 Live from 12pm! Get your LIVEBLOG fix with Australian CES Keynote times!

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Click here for our Sony CES 2013 liveblog, live from 12pm

CES Press Day is tomorrow, and we’re getting super-duper early in order to cover it. From LG’s press conference at 3am, to Sony’s one at 12pm (all AEDT by the way), we will make sure you are kept up to date on what is happening at their press conferences.

Of course, there are many and many of companies out there – and we’re only human, so we can only cover the major ones. The minor ones, we will continue to roll out news about the latest releases, along with the major ones that do not have press conferences.

P.S. If you’re wondering what is happening between 6AM – 8AM and at 10AM – 12PM, we’re either having breakfast, filing stories, catching some sleep (highly unlikely) or checking the feeds. As you do.

Our schedule (not exactly final, things may change)
3AM – LG
4AM – Sharp
5AM – Panasonic
8AM – Intel
9AM – Samsung
12PM – Sony

You can catch the live blog at our CES 2013 hub, just make sure you scroll to the part “CES Liveblog”. If you have any troubles, or on a mobile device – visit this page directly here.