LaCie produces limited edition “Blade Runer” – 9,999 produced, priced at US$299

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French storage maker LaCie has decided to create a limited edition hard drive called the “Blade Runner”, with only 9,999 hard drive produced. Why is this a “limited edition”? Well, because French interior and product designer Philippe Starck designed this. (It will also go to explain the price)

Touted for those who are “design-conscience”, each unit is custom-built to ensure form and function. The shell also prevents the drive from overheating, with the blades acting as some radiator and giving some circulation. On the technical side of things, it is a 4TB hard drive that also features a USB 3.0 port, and cross-platform compatibility. Included is 10GB of cloud storage from Wuala.

So, what’s the price? It will cost US$299 – and will be available through LaCie’s online store or through specialty retailers. Images below.