Facebook brings out “Privacy Shortcuts” – now making it easier to control your privacy

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Want an easier way to manage your privacy on Facebook? The social network has now introduced a new icon on the header called “Privacy Shortcuts”. Wedged between the settings icon and the Home link, you can now find the most common (and basic) privacy options so you don’t have to go through long and often complicated boxes to control what you share online.

In the panel, you can control who can see any new posts, while also offering shortcuts to your Activity Log to see all your posts and any item you have been tagged; and, now making it easier to see your profile in the eyes of another person, or as a public user. In addition, it offers quick ways to control who adds you as a friend, controls the filtering of messages received, and a quick way to block someone.

If you want more fine-tuning, then click “See More Settings”, where you can also block apps and invites from friends, fine-tune who can see things on your timeline if you are tagged, and do you want search engines to link to your timeline.

Now you don’t have an excuse in controlling what people see – it’s right there on every page now.