Yahoo to stream Rolling Stones concert; the catch is you have to pay $32 for access

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Yahoo has announced that it will live stream the the 50th anniversary concert by the Rolling Stones on Sunday 16th December at 1pm (Sydney time). But there is a catch – you’ll have to pay US$32 just to access the stream.

For Australian fans, this will be through Yahoo!7 via Who Magazine. Of course, if you are a Foxtel subscriber, you can also order this through Main Event.

Those who tune in will gain access to two specials about the band, according to CNET; and you will be able stream the concert through your desktop, mobile or tablet. Fans will also be able to rewatch the concert for 30 days after the event.

But is the price justified? It is very costly given that it just gives you access to a stream, and not let you download the concert afterwards. That being said, tickets to the event apparently sold out in minutes, so if you are die-hard fan, then you might think that this price is justifiable – especially given that tickets to the actual event cost more than just watching the live stream.