Wii mini announced, exclusive to Canada

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Just when you thought there would be no more Wii news this week, Nintendo has announced the Canadian exclusive Wii mini. With a price tag of $99.99 Canadian (Around $96 AUS), the redesigned Wii comes with a Wii Remote Plus™ controller & Nunchuk, but doesn’t include GameCube Compatibility and online services and features.


The WIi mini was purely created for the casual market, focusing on what really sold the original console, the games themselves. “Compatible with over 1300 Wii games” the gaming experience is the same as ever, and looks to focus more on a family audience, not like its hasn’t been the past 6 years.

The console itself is two-toned red and black with a matte finish, and replaces the previous Wii’s automatic disc loading drive, to a top-up lid, similar to the Playstation Slim, or an oldschool discman even. The Wii mini basically functions similar to the original Wii providing hours of family entertainment, but just excludes backwards capability with GameCube games, but most importantly doesn’t offer any online services.