Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Trailer Revealed

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Following the waves of mulitplayer DLC, Bioware released a trailer for their upcoming single-player DLC entitled Omega. The upcoming plot revolves around the ‘Pirate Queen’ Aria T’Loak and her goal of reclaiming and liberating the Cerberus-controlled space station – Omega. The trailer is after the jump.

Previously, Omega was one of the main ‘hub worlds’ of Mass Effect 2; which Commander Shepard would partake in various missions. The DLC will include ‘new’ weapons, ‘new’ weapon modification, “new’ enemies and squadmates; and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360), 1200 BioWare Points (PC), or $14.99 (PS3), release on November 27-28, depending on what region. No information was provided for the release on the Wii U.