Bing introduces political bias filter for election news

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Well, that’s something to differentiate yourself with Google. In its election coverage, Bing has introduced an option to filter out election news that disagrees or agrees with your political leanings. So, if you don’t like seeing the New York Times and NBC News because they are biased to the left; or Fox News and Washington Times because they’re biased to the right, now you don’t have to see it.

This is truly indicative of how polarising the politics are in America, and how easy it is now to simple to view news that fits with your own political ideology – regardless if it is factually true or not. Of course, by saying that, even I have a slight bias in what news I read.

However, everyone has – but I tend to trust papers like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal mainly because of their history of quality journalism. Not because of their political ideologies.