Apple announces iPad refresh, with Lightning port and faster A6X processor

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Apple have refreshed ‘the new iPad’ with a 4th-generation model. With the same retina-display and 5-megapixel (iSight) camera, the improvements start with an Apple A6X processor, with twice the graphics capabilities of the 3rd gen, and also a Lightning port, requiring previous-generation iPad owners to replace all accessories, specifically the terrible portrait iPad keyboard dock, which may not even be getting a replacement. Prices start at $539 for 16GB, $649 for 32GB, $759 for 64GB. With ‘cellular’, it costs $679 for 16GB, $789 for 32GB and $899 for 64GB.

Apple’s adding LTE support globally too, similar to the iPhone 5 (6), with a Telstra logo, as well as possibly others, appearing onscreen, however the date for that to be turned on wasn’t entirely obvious. The company still promises the same 10 hour battery life as the iPad 3.

The iPad 4 with Wi-Fi will be available for pre-order October 26, shipping November 2, and as always, will likely destroy any confidence Microsoft had of their competitor, the Surface, which will now be competing with two new iPad’s, with better screens and the iOS ecosystem that, while the OS remains a little stale, is still the best tablet ecosystem out. The ‘cellular’ model will be available late November. Oh, and they’re still selling the iPad 2. Cool story bro, with bro being Apple.