HTC’s Thursday press event to show off new Windows Phone

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HTC have just shown a little sneak peak for their Thursday event. In a post to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, the handset maker revealed the corner of a phone, which appears to be running Windows Phone 8. And don’t be confused, the 19.9 is referring to the date of the event (in the US), not the screen size. Although that wouldn’t be surprising, given the state of the smartphone industry.

Along with the image, the social network posts say ‘When beautiful hardware meets stunning software’. Obviously, it’s now almost certain that the event on Thursday will have, wait for it, another Windows Phone 8 device that doesn’t have a release date and that the press can’t actually use.

It’s odd that so many Windows Phone makers are having events so early, when a release date for Windows Phone still hasn’t been discussed and Microsoft hasn’t even revealed any new features of the  platform, other than the fact that it’s now actually (maybe) competitive with Android and iOS.

There could still be some room for an Android device at the event, seeing as HTC has never really focused on the Windows Phone platform in the past, except for crappier reruns of previous hardware designs. But I wouldn’t hold my breath now that this image is out.