Nintendo reveals Japanese details of the Wii U – launching Dec 8 for 26,250 yen

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Nintendo has revealed the Japanese release date and pricing; and also has revealed that the Wii U will come into two ‘sets’ – the Premium and the Basic set. The Wii U is to launch in Japan on December 8 with the starting price for the Basic set for 26,250 yen (or AU$322.20).

The Basic Set comes in White, and will have 8GB of memory inside the body unit. The Premium Set, which costs 31,500 yen (or AU$386.65), will come in Black and have 32GB of memory inside the body unit. Both will come with one Wii U GamePad and stylus, but the Premium Set will also come with stands.

On the same day it will come with two games at launch, New Super Mario Bros. U will come out at 5,700 yen; and Nintendo Land for 4,700 yen. It is expected that more games will also be announced for all markets – more than two at launch. We’re expecting that Europe, Australia and North America will follow Japan in terms of release date.

Australian release availability and pricing is to be announced after the Nintendo Direct Europe event, which happens at midnight tonight.