Apple search engine accidentally reveals iPhone 5 press release (red herring or not?)

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Well, there goes the surprise. Apple has inadvertently leaked out information about what it will apparently present at tonight’s keynote. Reports are circulating that simply going to the Apple search engine and typing in “iPhone 5” and you get four links that reveal all – including a press release dated for today.

The links, of course, are dead links. First spotted by 9to5Mac, and we’ve tested it out and it works, there are also hints of the new iPhone running LTE, and also reports of new iPods coming out. But of course, are you simply going to trust us (or 9to5Mac)? Well, read our live blog/commentary and find out if there is such a thing.

We’ve also played around with the search engine and typing it “2012/09” for us revealed press releases for a new version of iTunes – meaning that there is definitely going to be something related to the iPhone and/or iPod touch. It is also probably going to reveal the date of when we can get iOS 6 on our devices.