Apple revamps iPod nano – adds 2.5-inch screen, ditches the square

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The iPod nano is getting a revamp again, and ditching the square shape that has made it popular (mainly as a watch). The new model goes back to the old shape of being a rectangle, adds a 2.5-inch multi-touch display and comes in colours (which, to be honest, makes it look a bit cheap)

It is, apparently, the thinnest iPod ever with a 5mm thin body. The iPod nano features the same ‘apps’ – like podcasts and Nike+ integration; but readds video support. It also includes Bluetooth, so users can connect their Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers to the iPod nano finally (apparently it has been a long-requested feature).

There have been some minor changes with the UI – obviously to take into account the new screen size – and the icons are now in circles. As well, it includes the new EarPods headphones and Lightning connector.

However, reaction to the iPod nano have been mixed, verging to being negative. Editors Stewart Wilson and Chris Southcott wrote on Twitter (and apologies for the swearing):

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The iPod nano comes in black, pink, blue, silver, green, yellow and red; and comes in 16GB for AU$169. It comes out in October. Gallery is below: