ALERT: We’re moving servers this weekend! Yes, we’re finally moving!

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Dear Readers! Please be advised that we’re going to be moving servers. I recently made the decision to switch to a new hosting provider. For those who don’t know, we’re moving from HostMonster – and while it’s been a good five years, we’ve been using so much of their resources that it has been a pain to use.

So, we’re switching to Media Temple.

We will be doing the move this weekend (10pm Friday to 10am Saturday), so please be advised that you may see spotty access to But hopefully, everything will be fine. As well, if you’re going to send us an email, we won’t be accessible for Saturday and Sunday. So if you wish to send us a message, send it to us on Twitter if necessary.

Apologies for the downtime, but hey – the move will be worth it after five years of ups (and a lot of downs).

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