Nintendo gives early Pokemon Black & White 2 gamers free Mystical Pokemon

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See that? That’s the a Mystical Pokemon called Genesect; and Nintendo is giving this rare Pokemon for free and for a limited time in order to entice people to get a copy of the upcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 games when they come out on October 11. Until November 12, those who purchase the game and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will receive Genesect.

So what is this Pokemon? It is a “300 million year old fossil” that has been restored and modified by this region’s antagonist Team Plasma. The Bug-and-Steel-type Pokemon has the ability to adjust its power levels based on the foe it is battling, and comes with an exclusive move known as Techno Blast. You can understand why this is a limited-time only Pokemon.

For those who have no idea what the game is all about: it is the sequel to Pokemon Black & White – and it is the first Pokemon title to be a direct sequel of a storyline (Gold and Silver allowed you to venture into Kanto from Johto, but the storylines were very much different. Yes, you can tell I know surprisingly a lot about Pokemon). There are some changes and new additions, like Black Tower and White Treehollow.