The Briefing 4: For The Week Ending 18 August 2012

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This is The Briefing, a ten-minute-or-less podcast of tech news, for the week ending 18 August 2012. In this edition: Julian Assange gets political asylum in Ecuador, Wikileaks reveals a secret surveillance program called TrapWire, and Twitter has angered its developers.

For those who missed out what The Briefing is, here’s a blog post explaining the show. Feel free to offer any suggestions, improvements and constructive criticism for our new show.

Host: Terence Huynh
Length: 6:17

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Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum despite UK threat
US in pursuit of Assnage: Cables reveal
Wikileaks uncover TrapWire surveillance
TrapWire anti-terrorist software leaks set off web furor
Apple vs Samsung trial: Final day testimony
Twitter declares new rules for developers
Marco Arment: Twitter API changes
Paul Haddad: Don’t panic
Facebook Investors Cash Out
Facebook Shares Fall to New Lows as Lockup Ends
Motorola sacks 20% of employees as Google steps in to make it profitable
Flash for Android dies
SkyDrive gets Metro revamp, introduces Android app
Terms of Service; Didn’t Read