Dead Space 3 comes to Australia on Feb 7

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EA’s Dead Space 3 has been confirmed for an Australian release date of February 7 next year (New Zealanders will have to wait the next day). The game, promising to make survival even harder with more gigantic creatures, human enemies and blood-thirsty Nercromorphs, will also have a Limited Edition that will come to Australians as well.

Pricing for the Limited Edition is unknown, but those who preorder it will be able to access two game bundles – titled First Contact and Witness the Truth. First Contact will give you the First Contact Suit (a unique EVA suit by SCAF, featuring a “flamboyant golden finish”) and a Negotiator Weapon (“loaded with some surprisingly aggressive hardware”). Witness The Truth gives you access to the Witness Suit (worn by the SCAF deep dig team) and the Evangelizer weapon (modification of the standard AL-2).

The game will be out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Gallery is below.