Sony’s gamescom 2012 press conference starts at 3AM Wednesday (AEST) [Live Video]

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In less than 30 minutes. At 3AM Sydney time tomorrow morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, or PlayStation, will be taking the stage in Cologne, Germany for gamescom 2012. What’s on the table? Nobody knows right now, although there are rumours for an even slimmer PlayStation 3 and we also expect some announcements for the PlayStation Vita. Either way, Sony usually has a great show at gamescom, and this hopefully won’t be an exception.

You can tune in to the conference via Sony’s live video stream right here, and we’ll be posting all the highlights as soon as they come to’s Pwnage section, or the homepage.

Stay tuned!

Update: Sony’s countdown page is unfortunately being taken from your computers time, not the actual global time of the event. Because of this, I assumed it was at 6PM, however it was counting down as if I was based in the US. The event starts at 3AM tomorrow morning, Sydney time. I apologise for confusion.