‘Metro’ UI renamed to ‘Windows-8 style’ UI – yes, the name is horrible

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‘Metro’ is no more. After a naming dispute with a European partner (which is also known by that name), Microsoft has decided to rename the codename user interface to “Windows-8 Style UI”. Yes, everything that uses it – from Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and even the Xbox 360, which doesn’t even share an 8 – will feature the new “Windows-8 Style UI”.

It’s wordy, and it’s not a really good name, Microsoft. And you were just getting so good at marketing things – like with the Surface.

What’s even more weird is that ‘Metro apps’ will be renamed ‘Windows 8 apps’, according to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley. It appears to make some sort of sense, until you realise that Windows RT computers are meant to run predominantly Metro Windows 8 apps, which leads to more branding confusion.

It’s just confusing as hell, Microsoft. You might need to go back to the drawing board, marketing people.