Belkin launches 802.11ac router in Australia, coming in mid-August

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Belkin has announced a brand new router – the AC1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual Band AC+ Gigabit Router (or, also known by what peoplewill actually remember, the AC1200) – that features support for the upcoming Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac, which is three times faster than the current 802.11n standard.

It is touting performance and range – saying that its MultiBeam technology will give it maximum coverage, while its IntelliStream QoS system will prioritises video and gaming traffic, and reduces load time on frequently visited websites.

The router also includes four Gigabit ports, and two USB slots so you can connect a printer and an external hard drive so all computers on the network can access them. It also supports IPv6 – so while there isn’t much a need right now to get a router that supports 802.11ac, it might be a good opportunity to get ready for IPv6 since we’ve basically exhausted the list of IPv4 addresses.

The router will be out in mid-August, with a price tag of $279.95.