Welcome to The Briefing – a brand new, tech news only podcast

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We have something we would like to announce. Something that I’ve been planning for months, before I decided to push out the episode as a TECHGEEK Weekly episode. Well, Stewart suggested that we do this weekly. And here we are. Welcome to The Briefing – a brand new technology news podcast that delivers the tech news, and only the tech news.

No music, no commentary, no fanboys and no talking heads – so basically, way different from TECHGEEK Weekly. Just the week that was in technology – and in a under ten minute package so you can download this and listen while you’re in bed on a Sunday Morning, or while you travel to work on Monday.

The Briefing is recorded on a Saturday night for a Sunday release at 9:30am. If something big happens between them, then we will edit the episode and add that onto the show. We’ll be posting any updates to episodes on our Twitter feed at @tgbriefing.

You can listen to Episode 1 already now – we released it Sunday as a TECHGEEK Weekly episode before renaming it. You can subscribe to our feed and visit the podcast website – we’ll post an iTunes link when it is made available.