Channel Seven in social media firestorm after grieving mother slams news report

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Channel Seven is in a social media firestorm after a mother of a 13-year-old girl who died in a quad bike accident slammed the network for showing footage of her grief before she could tell her family members.

The girl, 13-year-old Molly Lord, died in an accident nearly a fortnight ago. Her mother, Linda Goldspink-Lord, wrote on Facebook:

The Facebook comment, where she also notes that a Channel Seven helicopter was above her to get some footage while she was at the scene grieving, is reported to have over 32,000 likes. The network responded by pulling down a news report that showed the footage, but also deleted the comment that Goldspink-Lord wrote.

Now, Seven News Sydney’s Facebook page is now being flooded with comments┬álambasting the network on the insensitive way it covered the death, and reposting the comment via a screenshot. It is the same on Twitter – many criticising the network for deleting the comment and its ethics.

First rule on social media: never delete a comment.

A Facebook page has also been started called “Justice for Linda Goldspink-Lord“, with the page getting 1,850+ likes (at the time of writing).

Channel Seven has not publicly made a comment about the incident.

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