10 BEST places to find and listen to music – for FREE

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Triple J Unearthed

Want to listen to some Australian indie music? Triple J Unearthed pretty much has you covered. The site, run by the aforementioned station owned by the ABC, helps you discover the best new talents in the Australian music scene.

We should note that there are two components – the digital radio station, which can be streamed online, and then there’s the website. Bands upload songs to the site and then they get played on the digital station, and users can download the song for free. Each song also comes with reviews, so you can track how others like it or not – and even Triple J radio hosts post their own reviews.



Yes, I know Deezer is a paid subscription service, but we’re not going to focus on that aspect. We’re focusing on what it gives for free – and that is its radio channels.

Again, it’s like Pandora where it plays a selection of songs based on artists and genres. While you don’t get the option, like Spotify Free, to play individual songs or albums  If you want an alternative to Pandora to discover artists that are similar to one of your favourites or to a particular genre, this might satisfy.

Of course, if you want to use Deezer like Spotify, then get ready to pay $7.49 per month. While there are apps, since you’re a free user, you can’t use them to stream radio.



Another indie-music site, except more like Triple J Unearthed than We Are Hunted (but no radio station). The site is a place where indie bands and artists can upload their songs and make them available for download. There is no discovery service, meaning that you actually have to go through artists and see if they match or not, but at least there is a music chart and a list of what’s being currently listened to – both which help you get started.

In many cases, artists put their songs available for download for free – however, in many cases artists link to other stores where users can purchase the song. In terms of sharing, you can embed the song with its player.


MySpace Music

MySpace basically refocused itself to become a “leading social entertainment destination” – and that includes music. It’s music service is pretty decent – you can play a lot of major label stuff in full, including albums (as mentioned previously). But what you didn’t know is that it also has a “radio” mode based on the artist and song.

The library, as mentioned, has a lot of major label content. However, it does have indie stuff on there – pretty much a holdover from its previous incarnation where a lot of up-and-coming bands posted their tracks on MySpace (when it was cool). The music service is available online only, and you don’t even have to sign up for MySpace or use your FaceBook account.

Though, it would be helpful if it was on one page, rather than making me open another windows to use it.


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