10 BEST places to find and listen to music – for FREE

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I did a similar tip back a year back – and literally, it’s just a year old – and now I’ve decided to rehash the tip again. Why? Well, the fact is that there are plenty of new services I just discovered and the fact that a flood of streaming services have just within a year opened their doors – the most recent one being Pandora. So, why not update the list and add some of the new entries.

Of course, I’ve tried to make sure these services let you stream music – either individually or like a radio station. I’ve also tried to accommodate a lot of music genres, and this time the criteria has changed to be accessible within Australia. Some of the sites, however, are accessible internationally.

For those who want a recap – here were my top five picks from last year:
– We are Hunted
– The Hype Machine
– MySpace
– Grooveshark
– TheSixtyOne

Four of them are still on the list – another six are new. I hope you enjoy it!

We Are Hunted

For those looking for new and indie music, We Are Hunted is the best place to look for (with Triple J’s Unearthed). This was on our previous list of the five best places, but I still love it. Plus, did we mention that it’s Australian?

We Are Hunted aggregates the most popular songs across many platforms – including from blogs and social media – and creates a list of the top 99 songs. The songs are provided via SoundCloud, and in many cases you’ll be able to hear the entire song. It also has an option to listen to songs by a particular artist, even if they are not in the chart – such as Gotye and Florence and the Machine.

We are Hunted also has an Android app, and can be found on several iOS devices like SuperSonic and Pocket Hipster.



Spotify launched to a big fanfare this year in Australia. But don’t you have to pay for it? Well, yes – but only if you want to listen to it on your mobile, store it offline, have your songs in a higher quality and with no ads. Basically, I’m trying to tell you that Spotify has a free alternative – but you’ll have to live with the annoying ads from Virgin Mobile and Commonwealth Bank.

But Spotify’s free version is remarkably generous in that you have no limits on how many songs you can play every month. It’s library largely contains those from big record labels, but there are some indie bands out there. My recent addiction, Mother Falcon, is on there and not on JB Hi Fi Now (though, that said, it is an American indie band not Australian)

You can download the app for Windows and Mac (there is a way to get it on Linux as well), and you’ll need to link your Facebook account for it.


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