Is your iOS app crashing after update? Well, it’s probably Apple’s fault

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If you’re experiencing some of your apps crashing at launch after updating an app, it is most likely not the developer’s fault for pushing a broken app. It is, according to Instapaper’s Marco Arment, Apple’s fault for giving users a corrupted file at launch.

According to Arment, users found the latest version of Instapaper (version 4.2.3) crashed at launch, and the problem was resolved when Arment contacted Apple. However, he also had responses from many others about other applications that were crashing, including Angry Birds Space HD Free and GoodReader – where its two updates released today also had glitches. GoodReader are blaming an encryption issue on the App Store.

Arment has said that Instapaper’s issues were only in the UK and the US, while in Australia there seems to be no issue. However, on Twitter, there are reports of Commonwealth Bank’s Kaching app for iOS crashing.

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Commonwealth Bank have not confirmed if that this is linked to the Apple issue – but it most likely could be.