Nexus Q crosses into Google TV territory, media player for US$299

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Android is expanding to Google TV territory with the new Nexus Q – touted as the “first social streaming media player”. It’s built to take advantage of the new changes coming to Google Play, including movie purchases and TV shows, and will let you stream your content from the cloud – your own content or from its store – onto the device.

The Nexus Q will also have a microHDMI port and optical ports so it can be connected to any TV and speaker system. It also has an ethernet port and a microUSB port to expand the device and also for, to quote one product manager, “general hackability”.

Users will be able to share and control the device from any phone or tablet, with users able to suggest what songs they want to play in a “jukebox”-esque environment. Of course, it is all done via the cloud and is said to “just work”.

The Nexus Q is US-only and will be available from Google with a price tag of US$299. Preorders start today, and will ship in mid-July.