Sony to bring Google TV to Australia – but only if you buy their TVs

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Google TV is coming to Australia – via Sony. Yes, from Wednesday, the company is to bundle the set-top box with some of its TVs – namely the HX850 and HX750. Getting the box separately, however, is a different story altogether.

Sony has not revealed when it will bring out the “Internet Player with Google TV” as its own standalone product, except giving it a price tag of AU$349.00. However, all you get is streaming – no Blu-Ray or DVD playback – and a universal remote control. You also get access, as part of Google TV, to the apps on the Android Market, and watch live TV. You can also browse the web while watching TV.

The remote also has a gryo – most likely for gaming – and you will be able to play movies and music from your phone, similar to Apple’s AirPlay.

Video is below.