TECHGEEK Weekly 94: Don’t Download This Show (Because Microsoft is Winning)

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Microsoft shocks everyone with two decent announcements – the Surface and Windows Phone 8; MOG launches in Australia and tries to beat Spotify and Facebook finally lets you edit your comments so you don’t have to do the crappy chat-style edits. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Tom and Stewart aren’t in again – apparently, they’rebusy – so Terence and Chris take the helm of the podcast and actually discuss the news.

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Show Notes

Microsoft relaunches the Surface – now a tablet with Windows 8!
Microsoft Surface event 2012: everything you need to know
The first sign that Microsoft’s tablet might be successful: Acer saying it won’t
Steve Ballmer on Microsoft Surface: ‘we want to prime the pump’
Microsoft Surface Touch Cover has a full multitouch keyboard and touchpad

Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8 in detail: new Start Screen, multi-core support, VoIP integration, and NFC
Windows NT coming to phones with Windows Phone 8
Is it bad for Windows Phone 8 to not support old phones? Not really, but necessary for its future
Lumia 900 owner vents Windows Phone 8 frustrations, Stephen Elop responds
HTC’s Windows Phone 8 roadmap: ‘Zenith’ flagship, ‘Accord’ midrange, and ‘Rio’ entry-level models
Huawei commits to ‘Ascend’ Windows Phone 8 handset
Why Windows Phone 8 means the BlackBerry is doomed

Apple fined $2.25m in Australia, as penalty for misleading 4G iPad ads is approved
MOG music streaming service released in Australia
COMPARISON: Is MOG better than Spotify, Rdio and JB Hi Fi Now?
Nintendo announces Nintendo 3DS XL, launches July 28 in Japan, Aug 19 in US
Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS in development at Namco Bandai
R18+ classification passes through Parliament – now attention turns to the states
Facebook now lets you edit comments – finally!
Giving Credit Where Due: Facebook Streamlines Payments System
Mark as error’ concept for Twitter lets you strikethrough