The Best of E3: Ubisoft’s ‘Watch Dogs’ announced, looks pretty great

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Just before the Ubisoft E3 conference ended, a massive game was unveiled, in classic E3 style. The brand new IP, ‘Watch Dogs’ was revealed to have been in development for three years, and gameplay shows that it’s not something to ignore.

Set in the modern day US, ‘Watch Dogs’ is a 3rd person open-world game based on the idea of a centeralised system for controlling a city, called CTos. The story trailer shown is a little silly, if you really think about it, but it will make some fun and interesting gameplay, something that really surprised me, coming from Ubisoft. The CTos system has, obviously, been “hacked” by private corporations, which means that these people, such as the man shown in the assassin-style mission, can control electricity, traffic lights, mobile phones, security cameras and a couple of other things not shown in the demo.

There is definitely a Grand Theft Auto vibe to it, as well as other influences, but the actual gameplay shown was really very unique and at times exciting. It’s still your classic shoot the badguys game, but there were so many cool elements mixed in. You’ll probably be hearing a lot more on this game in the coming year or two, as it’s set to become Ubisoft’s first original-IP hit in a long time, if the rest of the game is as consistant as the demo shown, which may or may not be the case.