Microsoft looking to show “the future of Windows Phone” on June 21 AEST

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How huge is June turning out to be? Microsoft, which announced a Windows Phone Developer Summit last month, has just sent out another invitation to the US press, with the words “A sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone”. It’s the same event, but it now looks like the rumours of Windows Phone 8 could come true.

On June 21 AEST Microsoft is likely to show of Windows Phone 8, which according to rumours is a complete overhaul built on top of the Windows 8 kernel, something that might be controversial if old users can’t upgrade.

Windows Phone 8 is also expected, as well as the new core, to have an NFC “wallet experience”, four new resolutions (finally), multi-core processors, and more features to finally allow it to compete in the hardware space. Skype is also expected to come in a usable form, with the new version showing off how easy it is to port a Windows 8 app to Windows Phone 8. Remember to tune in to’s coverage on the day for our unique spin on the news.