Finally? Google Docs offline editing coming ‘in coming weeks’

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The vice president of engineering at Google, Linus Upson has revealed that Google Docs will finally work offline, as the current Chrome OS commercial promises, in the coming weeks.

While talking to a number of UK journalists, Upson revealed that it would be finally updating the app, saying “In the coming weeks we’re going to be launching Google Docs offline. You’ve been able to view Google Docs offline for a while but now you’ll be able to do full editing of docs while you are offline and when you comeback online it will sync up and resolve all the conflicts.”

Not only is this great news, but it finally puts Google Apps into a territory where they can compete with Office 365. It’s not as powerful, obviously, but for many companies, the extra collaborative functionalities of Google Docs will make up some of the things missing from Office.

I’d expect “the coming weeks” to mean Google I/O, which starts on June 28, so look out for it then.