Morning Briefing: Facebook IPO edition

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for 18 May, 2012. Facebook has finally announced what it will price its shares, all to go on sale tonight on the NASDAQ. Here are some of the headlines making around last night when news broke.

Here’s what we are watching:

  • Facebook releases a press release that announces it will price its shares at $38. It sell 180 million shares of Class A, plus an additional 241,233,615 shares from other shareholders.
  • CNBC is reporting that 60 percent of all shares being sold are coming from the company’s investors and ‘insiders’. Bloomberg is also reporting that Goldman Sachs is set to reap $1.09 billion from selling almost half their shares from Facebook to the stock market.
  • It is set to raise $16 billion via the IPO, according to Bloomberg, making it the largest IPO by a tech company in history. However, there are some concerns over the trends of ad revenue, especially since it admitted that many are logging on mobile – and mobile has pretty much no ads on it.
  • Want to know how Facebook will celebrate its IPO? A Hackathon at its headquarters, starting at 7pm. Very geeky.
  • ZDNet has the numbers on Facebook’s IPO – such as 15 percent of its revenue coming from Zynga, 28 companies acquired by Facebook and one trillion monthly page views.