Morning Briefing: Oracle claims partial victory over Google, and a Apple HDTV is coming soon?

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for 8th of May 2012, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web that broke while you were sleeping and what we are watching here at

Here’s what we are watching:

  • The Google-Oracle lawsuit has given a verdict that could see Oracle having the ability to rewrite the legal rules of programming languages, with a jury agreeing that APIs can be copyrighted. However, it isn’t all bad news for Google with a jury unable to decide if Google was permitted to copy the technology, and the jury sided with Google on whether it violated copyright on its documentation.
  • Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian has come out and said that he will not buy any Facebook stock because the company supports a controversial law known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.
  • Cult of Mac has said that it has gotten its hands on information of a prototype of a new Apple HDTV that looks like a Cinema Display with Siri and iSight bult-in. Obviously citing it got it from “anonymous sources”, we are going to take a grain of salt with this rumour.
  • If you use Windows Phone, Twitter for Mobile web app has been updated. Sad news is that it is the one for feature phone, not smartphones. This version only has the basic essentials, rather than pull to refresh among other ‘advanced’ desktop features. Though, probably no one uses the official apps anymore since there are more better ones out there.