Windows 8 Consumer Release Preview to come in “first week of June”

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Excited about Windows 8? Well, the Consumer Release Preview – the ‘almost completed’ version of the operating system – has a release date. Microsoft has taken to Twitter to say announce that it will be released in the first week of June.

Generally, if a feature stays in the Consumer Release Preview, then it’ll most likely stay. So, if you don’t like the Start Screen and can’t find a way to disable it – good luck convincing Microsoft to change the entire thing.

Though, as pointed out by Slashgear:

In a moment of mild embarrassment, Microsoft admitted that it had gaffed on the logo choice; in the slide shown above, the company has used the old Windows logo, rather than the new, squared off version.

Someone’s in Microsoft’s marketing department is being fired – or Microsoft has decided to keep the old logo.