Phil Schiller dumps Instagram because it went to Android – yes, facepalm

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So turns out, write an app that Apple loves and then port it to Android is a big no-no for Apple Marketing VP Phil Schiller. Well, that’s according to a little tweet that was captured by our friends over at 9to5Mac.

Instagram was previously an iOS exclusive application, before it expanded to Android. And that is why you see crazy hipsters complaining and repulsed by the fact that their precious little app is now allowing people from a rival platform. So, in droves, many started to leave – and now you can add one high-profile person to the list.

Jesus Christ! What has the world become.

I guess I now have a reason to complain if, I don’t know, a Zune app is offered on Android or even on iOS – because that’s an exclusive app to Windows Phone 7. I don’t want those dirty iPhone and Android users accessing the same content and have the same features on my Nokia Lumia 800.

Image and story via: 9to5Mac