Users defend EA after anti-gay activists sends complaints

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Image: from GameIndustry

Despite being labelled as the worst company in America, fans are defending the company after anti-gay activists decided to send letters of complaint – like the one above (which I facepalm at since it is stupid) – because of a game’s option to let you participate in a same-sex relationship with another character.

(Also, letter writer above, you happen to have a poor sense of grammar – it is the overwhelming number of players… are children, not is. Children is a multiple term, not a singular)

But back on the main issue at hand, the letters are basically saying that EA must remove the LGBT content from the Star Wars: The Old Republic game because they have issues with it. However, it should be noted that you have a CHOICE to select if you want to be in a same-sex relationship. It’s not forced upon you like some, I don’t know, some outdated belief that gay people are some sort of threat to some religion that you may practice and believe in a text like it was gospel.

Behind the move happens to be the Florida Family Association, who claim that adding such a thing would mean children are “forced to deal with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender characters”. Because that is such a scary thing to teach children (sarcasm.) I should also note that this is the same organisation that managed (and sadly were successful) in getting sponsors to pull out of a program called All-American Muslim because it did not portray Muslims the same way the Florida Family Association did. Since I’m too lazy to write the entire case – here’s a link to Jon Stewart explaining the entire issue.

And to watch that clip – you might want to look how to circumvent that geoblock here.

EA has basically resisted the move, and its fans are coming out in support of its decision – and have started a petition with nearly 29,500 people (at the time of writing) already signing it. Even Stephen Fry has come out in support for EA’s decision.

So, basically – go EA!