Halo 4 GameInformer Scans Leaked [GALLERY]

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It’s crunch time for 343 Industries, and with about seven or so months left until its Holiday 2012 release, there is an increase of Halo 4 information surfacing the web recently. GameInformer Magazine’s May issue not only has a Halo 4 cover but also includes 14 pages of Halo 4 epicness which digs into Halo 4’s Campaign and Multiplayer experience (now named ‘Infinity’).
(Screenshots included in Gallery)

From all this new information, Halo fans everywhere are starting to wonder, ‘is 343 headed the right way?’ With inclusions such as Armor Abilities, Customizable Loadouts, Spartan Points, Spartan Ops and other Multiplayer features, Halo 4 is looking to be a very busy game. Whether it’s playing multiplayer to upgrade your Spartan IV, working co-operatively on Spartan Ops missions, and of course playing the Campaign as Master Chief by yourself or with friends, 343 Industries have been working hard to finish the game. Hopefully we can get some more snippets of the game before E3 2012, this game is looking to be really interesting.

Stay tuned for a detailed discussion of the new Halo 4 information with myself, Adrian Cajili and Ashton Bernard coming on later in the week, as we discuss the new features in Multiplayer as well as looking at some of the issues that may arise in Halo 4.