TweetDeck gets an update – and becomes much more useable

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When Twitter acquired TweetDeck and brought out version 1.0 – it was universally panned mainly because it removed some of the features pre-acquisition. Well, a brand new update has been pushed out and some of the more wanted features are making a comeback.

Media Previews and “Edit & RT” are some of the new features coming to version 1.3. The “Edit & RT” button replaces the “Quote” button, and actually gives you the old-school “RT @username: ” format, so if you want to artificially increase your tweet count, or want to make a comment about it, then you can now do that. Media Previews will, of course, let you see an image or a video within the client so you don’t have to jump between two different windows.

Other new features include managing your Twitter Lists directly within Tweetdeck, and two new columns with “Activity” and “Interactions”. Activity will let you see what people you follow also do – such as favourite or follow another person; while Interactions will combine both mentions and notifications of any of your tweets retweeted, favourited or you being followed by another.

The update is available now. Windows users will simply need to close and restart the app; while Mac OS X users will need to get it via the Updates tab. If you are using the Chrome app, then it will auto-update once you restart Chrome. Web app users will automatically see the changes once they login or refresh.