Apple iPad 3 event officially happening at 5AM on March 8 AEDT

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As always, Apple is finally putting us all out of our rumour-fed misery a few days before we explode, by announcing the real, official iPad 3 launch date. On March 7 at 10AM US PST at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco Tim Cook will likely take the stage to show off the new iPad, alongside other Apple conference regulars. In Australian time the even will start at the good-old time of 5AM AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne-time) on March 8 which is a Thursday (next Thursday).

The image sent to the press shows an iPad with a higher resolution (as long as Apple hasn’t ‘shopped it) and possibly no home-button. While it could be in landscape mode, the spacing between icons says otherwise. will be here with all the Australian coverage, such as Australian carriers, prices and details on things such as a possible LTE iPad coming down under, so tune in right here for the latest news and live coverage as it happens with a Live Blog. Don’t leave us lonely!