Optus goes first, releases the Lumia 800 pricing plans – phones to start shipping March 1

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The race is now on who can offer a better deal with the Lumia 800. Optus has today unveiled its plans for the anticipated Windows Phone from Nokia, with the company starting pre-orders for both the Black and Cyan versions of the phone.

The company has also revealed that the company plans to start shipping the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 on March 1.

The pricing plans are as follow:

Optus’ plans see no monthly phone repayments on both its $49 and $59 cap plans for both business and consumer customers. However, to sweeten the deal, Optus has also decided to offer two months free to all new and “recontracting” customers if you decide to get this phone.

The Lumia 710, however, does not have any offers and won’t start selling until March 1. It will be under its $29 Optus Cap plan.

You can preorder the phone from Optus’ website.