Exclusive: Google Drive gets closer: subdomain becomes active

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Rumours are getting very loud that Google Docs will soon be renamed to Google Drive and I think Google, themselves, have just proven the existance of the rebranding and change.

Last week when you went to drive.google.com the domain wouldn’t resolve. This week, however, drive.google.com shows a 404 Not Found message. This means that the drive.google.com subdomain has been added by Google, making the rumours much more believeable.

The Wall Street Journal published a piece last week saying that a Dropbox-like rebrand of Google Docs would be coming, with a local syncing client and the same document editing available at the moment, so this might just confirm that’s true.

Since Google started allowing other file-types to be uploaded, the Google Docs brand has become fairly irrelevant. Sure, they still have document editing, but if Google wants Docs to be a one-stop shop for file storage, a rebrand is needed.

Sure, it’s small, but it’s still a big change and it could prove the existance of the change.