New Apple patent reveals teleprompter coming soon to iMovie, Final Cut Pro?

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A new patent has been recently granted to Apple that would see iMovie and Final Cut Pro implement a teleprompter feature – allowing you to read what you were going to say within the app, or possibly even on the iPad.

As you can tell by the images, you simply write you want to say in a text box. Afterwards, set the timing on how fast you want it to go, and start recording. However, it appears that for now it will simply do voice-over recording rather than you simply just standing there on camera, recording yourself. But if you were going to do voice-overs, this is a pretty handy feature so you don’t have to switch back and forth between a word processor (if your cheap) or have to read it on paper.

What’s also interesting is that this patent also will let you read this off a mobile device or tablet – obviously via Wi-Fi. That means that you simply type up your text on a desktop, and you’ll be able to take your tablet to a nearby Mic stand, put your iPad in front of you and simply read off that rather than the monitor.

You can read the full patent below, if your interested in seeing how it works.