Rdio announces pricing plans for Australia/NZ users

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Rdio is now official in Australia. After a quiet launch, the company has publicly revealed its pricing structure. The company also will continue to offer a seven-day trial to use the service, so users can experience it before committing to it.

Rdio will be offering its Rdio Web – where you can access songs via a browser or through a desktop app – for $8.90 per month. Its Rdio Unlimited package will be $12.90 per month, and that includes streaming from desktop, web and on mobile via apps. In addition, Rdio Unlimited lets you have “offline access” to the songs – that means downloading it onto your phone so you don’t have to use Wi-Fi or 3G to connect and download.

In comparison, JB.Hi-Fi Now is offering its plans for $8.33 per month (but that is part of a 3-month subscription of $25). However, Rdio offers several things including integration with Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM; and has apps on desktop, in comparison to JB Hi-Fi’s service. Rdio also has 12 million songs, compared to JB Hi-Fi Now’s 6 million.